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In the history of Cuban swimming, his name is in the top of the list of our best swimmer of all times thanks to the silver medal he obtained in the 100 meters back style final during the Olympic Games held in Atlanta in 1996.
The gold medal went to the American Jeff Rousse in a very difficult final. After the Havana triton arrived his comrade and teammate Neisser Bent.
He was born on October 25th, 1972 and at the age of 8, he took part in the first official competition. When he was 11 years old came his first international event, but a strong influenza frustrated his plans.
He integrated to the national team in 1987.
His curriculum vitae is full of victories like those achieved in the Pan-american Games Havana'91 and Mar del Plata'95, the Central American and Caribbean Games of Ponce'93 and Maracaibo'98, the titles obtained in two world class events of short course or the triumph during the World University Games held at Buffalo in 1993.
He also assisted to the Olympic Games Barcelona'92 and ended up in the seventh place in 100-meter final. Full of hope, he wanted to have an outstanding performance in Sydney 8 years after that, but did not even arrive to semi-finals. He started to think then in his retirement, which took place in 2002.
This young man, 6'1'' tall and weighing 182 pounds, was once nicknamed the "swimming lawyer" because he combined his law studies with the practice of the demanding sport. Actually, only after his retirement will he be able to devote all his efforts to the profession that he came to love through an uncle of his and which he will be able to exercise in the years to come.

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