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She constitutes a genuine example of a beautiful and elegant woman. This is proven by the fact that her presence as a model is requested in the traditional Habano Cigar Festivals, held annually in Havana and which gathers personalities from all over the globe.
Her life as a volleyball player has seen everything. She has meet all her expectations as a member of the Cuban national team, Olympic champion in the Barcelona'92, Atlanta'96, and Sydney'00 editions of the games. She also contributed to victory in two world championships and four world cups.
The International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) selected her "most outstanding player" of the 20th century. What else can we say about her?
The slender "morena" from Havana, sizing 6'3'', made her debut in sport when she was barely 8 years old thanks to her mother. Her exceptional conditions granted her ascension and six years after her debut, and after having participated in the school games, she was already a member of the national team.
Together with her teammate Mireya Luis, another exceptionally gifted player, she was a star in a team with other many stars. Three years after the Sydney Olympics, she has not announced her official retirement yet. Maybe she is dreaming of her fourth Olympic title, although in the last few years she has suffered frequent lesions in her knees.
A natural central attacker, she has always stood out because of her passion and discipline be it during the long training sessions or in the volleyball field. Whether she continues playing for some more time or she finally says good-bye, her story is already written.

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