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His name appears among the great of Greco-Roman wrestling owing to his endeavor as an athlete. This gladiator, born in the central-eastern Camagüey province, began practicing wrestling at the age of 10 and his presence in Olympic Games granted him a fourth place in Barcelona ’92, but the following year he became junior world champion.

He was soon among the great after conquering the Olympic titles of his categories in the Olympic editions of Atlanta’96 ( 163 pounds ) and Sydney ’00 ( 152 pounds ).

He participated in Athens Olympic Games in 2004 after a training season characterized by constant lesions that prevented him from attaining his objective of becoming a medalist. Nevertheless, it should be acknowledged his greatness and participation in four versions of such games, something attained by just a few athletes.

As one can appreciate, he stood out in the 163-pound division and then he successfully changed to the 152-pound category. After that, he had to move to another division, 167 pounds , because of organizational changes in the International Wrestling Federation (FILA).

Even greater additional sacrifices have posed to this athlete the requirements related to body weight.

His current trainer, Pedro Val, has led him also to winning a World Cup and another World Championship. Furthermore, he has deserved two Pan-American crowns and the same amount of Caribbean titles.

When he caressed Olympic glory he was only 28 years old. He still has a lot to fight for although he had not had any considerable rivals for more than four years, neither in the national nor in the international arena, and those who can afford getting close to him are fully aware that he is still among the most respected of the world.


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