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Undoubtedly one of the greatest baseball players in Cuba, he hails from the southeastern town of Palma Soriano, near the city of Santiago, like other sport figures like Orestes Kindelán and Ana Fidelia Quiroz. Captain of captains, he wore the Cuban national team uniform in three Olympic Games, seven World Championships, four Pan-American Games, four Central American and Caribbean Games, and seven Intercontinental Cups.
He played in more than 20 national competitions for the Santiago de Cuba team in the National Series and for the Orientales and Serranos teams in the Selective Series, special short challenges that were held annually to select the national team.
Having played in 22 Cuban championships he attained the hit leadership with 2 356 single connections and that of doubles with 366. He is fifth in the rank of scorers, fourth in turns to bat and, third in runs by impulsion and average with 344.
He took part in 1853 baseball games, totaling 14 197.2 innings and 8 897 pitches (including 1 140 double plays) making only 2 errors, which granted him a magnificent lifetime defensive average of 977.
He is the baseball player having participated in more top-level international events (25). In most of them he was a key element in the performance of the whole Cuban team.
He has proven over and over again his skill to achieve a good connection no matter how difficult the pitch and above all, to be a consistent batter in the moments when the team needs him most.
His presence in national baseball parks ended in 2002 and together with him other great Cuban players said good-bye to active baseball practice. Such was the case of Luis Ulacia, Orestes Kindelán, Germán Mesa, and Omar Linares. These five legends of Cuban baseball keep active, some as trainers and some as players, in Japanese baseball leagues.

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