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His condition of a giant of the 110-meter hurdles reached its climax in the finals of the Sydney Olympics, where he beat all the American myths to become the first to ever watch the rest of the competitors over his shoulders in an Olympic final of the specialty, stopping the chronographs in 13 exact seconds, the seventh best record of all times.

With a size of 6’3’’ and weighing 187 pounds , he has achieved a depurate technique in which he conjugates harmony in flying over the hurdles and a demonic speed in the few spans of track where that is possible. His preparation preceding the Olympic Games was optimal. He was convinced that he could attain victory and psychological preparation was a key element to that end.

The slender speed runner has experienced a quick ascension to stardom. His first relevant result dates back to 1994 when he was fifth in the Junior World Championship in Portugal . The following year, he was crowned sub-19 Pan-American and Ibero-American monarch, and made it to semi-finals in the Summer Olympics of Atlanta’96.

Regarding World Championships, he was second in Athens (1999) and Edmonton (2001). As to indoor World Championships he won gold in Seville (1997), fell down to the sixth place in Maebashi (1999), and won the silver medal in 2001 and Birmingham (2003).

One must also consider his victories in two Pan-American Games, 1995 and 1999, as well as his title in the Central American and Caribbean Games in 1998.

In what many consider a prowess, Anier Garcia made his way to the Athens Olympics in 2004 after a cycle in which he had to cope with lesions that came accompanied by a notorious overweight.

He was able to overcome a previous season without amazing results and arrived third in the competition of the Hellenic capital with a mark of 13.2 seconds to win the Bronze Medal.


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