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When, in 1993, she suffered burns in about 40 per cent of her body due to a home accident, not many people believed that this mulatto woman, born in the far eastern town of Palma Soriano, would be able to run again over the tracks of the world.
Cuban science made all possible efforts in her recovery; so did she. The flames had seriously damaged her skin, but they could not even touch her will of heroine. That immense proof of love made her return to the stadiums, which she did with all the glory she deserved: she won the gold medal with a time of 1:56.11 at the World Championship held in Gothemburg, Sweden.
History would repeat itself in the following world competition, taking place two years after that in Greece. Her time: 1:57.14. The great are always great. She was already thinking of saying good-bye to competitions because a greater strength was taking over her feelings. She wanted to be a mother.
Born on July 26th, 1961, her inborn talent was first appreciated in her own hometown, near the city of Santiago de Cuba. Her first international competition took place on April 13th 1985. When she retired from active sport she zealously treasured two Olympic medals: bronze in Barcelona'92 and silver in Atlanta'96.
Her curriculum vitae displays also victories in the 800m of five Grand Prix competitions: 1987 (1:58.80); 1989 (1:59.02), and 1991 (2:00.17); as well as other two in the 400m: 1988 (50.27) and 1990 (50.31).
Nevertheless, her two most treasured trophies nowadays are named Fidelia and Alberto Alejandro. She lives surrounded by her beloved, but she has never fully abandoned the tracks. She has said: "I'll run from time to time in some veteran's competitions in order to show everyone I'm still in shape."

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